About Us

The Nutrahara Story


At Nutrahara, our team boasts a cumulative wealth of 40 years of expertise in the art of crafting, producing, and promoting nutritional supplements. With operational hubs spanning the United States, Hong Kong, and India, we are a global presence in this field.

Our commitment lies in formulating supplements enriched with botanical extracts, focusing particularly on the plants that have been the subject of Ayurvedic wisdom for millennia. We specialize in curating functional supplements designed to offer anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and anti-stress benefits, catering to the holistic well-being of our customers.

Below is the process from concept to delivery for our products


Our research methodology involves a meticulous examination of the PubMed database, meticulously curated and maintained by the esteemed National Institutes of Health (NIH), to uncover the latest research studies encompassing diverse health concerns. Within this extensive repository, we delve into the world of various herbs and nutrients, diligently exploring their implications for overall health and well-being.


Additionally, we extend our inquiry to the Clinical Trials database, a repository diligently upheld by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Our overarching objective within this sphere is to unearth compelling clinical evidence regarding the use of herbs and plant-based nutrition for addressing issues such as inflammation, oxidative stress, and stress-related concerns, including anxiety.


Incorporating insights gleaned from our extensive preclinical and clinical investigations, we are dedicated to exploring the harmonious synergy between marine and botanical nutrition. Our mission is to leverage this harmonious blend in the creation of a powerful formulation designed to bolster overall health. In doing so, we endeavor to maximize the combined potential of Ayurvedic herbs and plant-based nutrition, enhancing their efficacy to advance the cause of holistic well-being.


Our products are meticulously crafted under the highest standards of care and within rigorously maintained hygienic conditions. These processes take place within a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that strictly adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Furthermore, this facility holds the esteemed recognition of FDA registration, ensuring an added layer of trust and quality. We take immense pride in producing our products exclusively within the United States using bottles that can be recycled.

Quality Compliance

Our manufacturing facility, duly registered with the FDA, upholds manufacturing practices that align with the exact standards akin to those in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

As our products are lab tested by a third party for purity and potency, we consistently achieve and maintain the highest echelons of quality and safety. This reflects our unwavering commitment to exceeding industry benchmarks for excellence.


Nutritional and herbal supplements, meticulously crafted within our FDA-registered facility, are seamlessly distributed to global partners through a multi-modal transportation network encompassing air, sea, and road logistics. In catering to our valued customers based in the United States, we fulfill their orders efficiently from our dedicated warehouse located in Georgia.

Our Company Values


Move the baseline


Bring ease to the


Respect the complex


Be whole for the sake of others


Trust each other to
bring our best


Act on evidence; if none exists, seek to discover